Welding Simulation


  • Simulate the physical phenomena and mechanical behavior of thermal, metal filling, solidification and cooling process. The thermal, flow, stress and micro-structure solvers are fully coupled.
  • Fully automatic mesh generation.
  • Rich heat source model for welding simulation.
  • Special interface for welding sequence design and simulation.
  • Dual solver technology, the FEM solver and FVM solver are fully coupled in the same mesh system.
  • Build in CAD kernel, fully parametric CAD design capability.
  • Support automatic optimization (DOE/GA/PSO method)
  • Full CAD driven automatic optimization solver, all geometry and process parameters could be optimized.
  • Innovation technology to speed up simulation in express.
  • Excellent parallel computing performance.


CAST-DESIGNER WELD includes a general CAD environment with powerful surfacing tools designed according to process designer requirements; such CAD environments are used the OPENCASCADE kernel.


Cast-Designer's powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), FVM based solver, incorporates many advanced features in flow the calculation like surface tension effects, viscous shear stress combined with gravity leads to buoyant flow, turbulent phenomena greatly enhance the diffusion of momentum and enthalpy also modelled. For fluid dynamics simulation, the algorithm solves equations of conservation of mass and momentum for any number of immiscible, incompressible fluids, and tracks the interfaces between them, two fluid model (liquid metal + air) effective in bubble formation.

Weld bead design

In a weldment assembly, Weld Bead Generator can create fillet welds, groove welds, and cosmetic welds. Create intermittent or continuous fillet welds along the length of selected faces or wires, or use a groove weld to connect two faces with a solid weld bead.

  • User defined weld bead.
  • All weld features are integrated into the 3D design.
  • The weld visualization and specification are displayed in the drafting environment.


Cast Designer has more than 400 industry standard materials in the database including Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel, Copper, Mg, Zn, Ni, Lead, Gold, Silver & Aluminum alloys and varieties of mould materials.

The welding material is special validated by industry, the user can also input the new material to the user database.