Cast-Designer Weld

The unique solution for complex large welding and assembly process, with full chain solution from the material →to process design →to simulation →to production and automatic optimization from welding parameters and assembly sequence


Cast-Designer WELD from C3P Engineering Software International Co., LTD. is the leading solution for the design, simulation and optimization of welding and welding assembly process, while taking into account all factors of design geometry, material behavior and welding process parameters.

Cast-Designer WELD is practice-oriented, fast and easy to use. The user can focus on the engineering related details of the welding process instead of dealing with the software operation.

  • An intuitive, quick & easy graphical user interface
  • Design driven simulation
  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Template style model setup
  • Available for almost welding process
  • Unmatched accuracy


Evaluate residual distortions

Weld distortion is the most frequent problem in welding applications and many techniques have been developed over time to mitigate distortion or in some case achieve zero distortion. Simple techniques like tack welding and fixturing can now be optimized using welding models that reliably predict distortion. Furthermore, simulation and modeling enables the designer to optimize complex methods like pre-offset, side heating, trail cooling, or more advanced techniques including adaptive clamping and process control.

Minimize residual stresses

Residual stress affects the service life and condition of weldment during course of service if it doesn’t introduce immediate problems during the manufacturing process. Weld modeling is the most cost effective method to generate a 3D map of all stress components during and after welding as well as interaction with operation loading condition for fatigue and creep analysis. This leads to optimal design for enhancing service life and can avoid further cost of rejected parts from service.

Control the HAZ

It is crucial to master the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). This sensitive zone is usually quite narrow to minimize stresses and deformations.

Predict the real weld bead

Cast-Designer WELD simulates the welding with addition of material, the shape of the weld bead becomes a true result of the simulation.

Study geometry & parameters

Cast-Designer WELD helps to optimize part geometry and process parameters during the early stages of a new design cycle avoiding expensive engineering changes.

Optimize the welding sequence

Cast-Designer WELD allows user-defined weld sequencing and control of the weld manufacturing parameters such as energy input, weld speed, weld material and many others.

Welding Processes

  • Arc welding (TIG/MIG/MAG …)
  • Laser welding
  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Electron-beam
  • Resistance spot welding
  • Brazing
  • Additive manufacturing

Key benefits

  • Best-in-class result accuracy & stability
  • Understand the effects of welding on your valuable infrastructure prior to welding
  • Optimize weld sequencing to reduce effects of distortion
  • Predict microstructure evolution and resulting mechanical properties
  • Obtain realistic thermal models for the dynamic process of welding
  • Cost optimized