Support Casting Process

Support Casting Process

CAST-Designer helps the foundry engineer to enter a minimum requirement of information, and to analyze the results in a simple and effective manner, allowing the complete simulation of the following processes:

  • High pressure die casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • Semi-solid casting
  • Gravity sand casting
  • Gravity die casting
  • Gravity DISA
  • Gravity tilt pouring
  • Investment / shell casting
  • Continuous casting
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Jewelry casting
  • Lost-foam casting
  • Vacuum casting
  • Liquid stamping
  • Ladling operations
  • Core bowling
  • Core gas
  • Wax injection
  • Microstructure analysis for iron, steel, Al and Mg

Material Database

Cast-Designer provides material database as standard. It has a material database which contains over 400 types of material data. Initial value for each material is prepared in the database so that required material database is available by clicking the name of the material. Also, it is easy to customize the database as you want, such as adding new material data or changing some value of the existing material.

Mould materials

  • Green sand
  • Dry sand
  • Chemical sand
  • Cr sand
  • Zr sand
  • Special sand
  • Silicon carbide
  • Graphite
  • Die
  • Insulation
  • Filter

Casting alloy

  • Cast iron: grey, SGI, CGI
  • White cast iron
  • Ni-Resist D2, D5
  • SiMo
  • Carbon steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Copper alloys
  • AlSi7 up to AlSi12
  • Mg-alloys
  • Zn-alloys