Helping to Solve Tough Problems

In-Depth Understanding of Process Variables

So many variables exist in the stamping process, hence it is very important to understand their affection on formability, dimensional accuracy and performance, then clearly define the major and minor parameters.

Select the Stable Production Window

In the stamping process of mould manufacturing or production, some bad phenomena often occur:

  • The mould design and process have been evaluated by CAE simulation and without error, but in the real stamping always have some problems, such as cracking or wrinkle.
  • Some mould in the trial stage the result was perfect, but in the production line, the products are not qualified.

This is obviously due to the process window instability or scope which is too narrow and how to solve this “stability” problem is very critical.

Control the Key Dimensions

It is the most common and headache problem that some critical dimensions of stamping products cannot be mastered. Very often, after you improved dimension A, you cause a new problem B and vice versa. The most common situation is knowing how to do it, but not recognizing the exact value or number.

Build Manufacturing to Entire Process Chain

In the conceptual stage of the product, the technical, economic and productive properties of the stamping products are comprehensively evaluated and predicted the risks.