Multiphysics Engineering Simulation Suite

The Multiphysics Engineering Simulation Suite: Cast-Works was developed following close cooperation with leading international firms. Cast-Works brings a complete answer to analysis challenges in mechanics, heat transfer, structure and other applications.

Die face pressure

PCB board stress

Engine piston

Railway application


  • Industry-validated tool to perform regulatory analyses;
  • Support a wide variety of materials, including advanced metallic material laws;
  • Handles complex realistic simulation from elementary components to fully integrated systems;
  • Reduces cost through the integration of best practices and easy automation;
  • Masters design and manufacturing process up to operating conditions, thanks to various coupled physics;
  • Speeds up the structural analysis process by offering dynamically loaded libraries and scripting language to design custom applications.

Cast-Works Features

Advance Characteristics

  • Assembled structure: MPC-preconditioned iterative solver, finite slip contact, friction
  • Multigrid method: Convergence acceleration utilizing hierarchical meshes
  • Enhanced parallelism: Efficient parallel computation using more than 1000 nodes
  • Parallel solver: Preconditioned iterative solvers/ Parallel direct solver
  • Parallel visualization: Surface/volume rendering
  • Coupled analysis: Fluid-structure analysis with CFD code

Engine plate analysis

Bone analysis

Bridge analysis

Eigen analysis

Fracture mechanics

Cast-Works is one of the most advanced numerical tools in the field of fracture mechanics. It allows for the consideration of various materials and mechanical situations such as brittle and ductile fracture, fatigue.

Couple analysis

The couples analysis solution of Cast-Works include numerous multiphysics capabilities. Advanced and robust algorithms are available for the simulation of manufacturing processes allowing perfect control settings and to develop innovative technologies.

Cast-Works Environment

C3P software Cast-Works Suit is supported by a flexible and open engineering framework sharing a common platform, addressing multiple simulation domains. The CastWorks-Environment is an integrated and versatile virtual prototyping platform for improved productivity.

It encompasses the entire CAE process from interfacing with CAD to model set-up and post-processing all using a single core compute model.

Cast-Works Environment incorporates best practices and enables project planning, execution and management for company's overall Product Lifecycle Management.

CastWorks users' environment