Production Optimization

Mould Cycling and Automatic Thermal Balance

The exact industrial conditions in die casting can be simulated in Cast-Designer with cycle time, die cooling, die heating etc.

Cast-Designer Production Optimizer automatically adjusts the die opening, die spray, cooling or heating channels and individual production cycle timings for a reasonable thermal balance of the mould and optimizes production cycle time for best productivity.


Definition of all important parameters influencing flow temperature and the thermal balance of mould.


  • Complete consideration of die cooling and heating system.
  • Individual control of each cooling or heating channel.
  • Different die-spray and die-coatings can be considered.


  • Cast-Designer Production Optimizer automatically adjusts the cooling/heating channels and individual production cycle timings, to maintain a reasonable mould temperature to avoid cold-shut or die soldering conditions.
  • Achieve best productivity and cost rate, as well as the product quality.
  • Achieve better die-life, and reduced die maintenance cost.


  • Casting Production can make a quick calculation of the production cost based on the optimized cycling. It could be used for the quotation purpose, price estimation or for the production phase cost control.


  • Use Sensor(s) on the casting part or on the mould to check the conditions to optimize.
  • Sensor can be attached to the cooling channel or heater to optimize it.
  • User defined weight factor to different sensors.
  • In 3 iterations, cycling time is optimized from 86 sec to 66 sec.

Before: Casting Temperature with Hot Spots with 480 ºC can cause Mould Stick.

After: Casting Temperature is now more balanced around 400 ºC can avoid Mould Stick.

Before: Mould Temperature is below 120 ºC and can cause Cold shut.

After: Mould Temperature is now 260 ºC and more balanced and can avoid Cold shut.

Original Cooling Channel Design

Modified Cooling Channel Design