Casting Design: Die Casting

Cast-Designer's Gating Design Advisor is designed with 50 years of industrial experience and NADCA standard recommendations. It provides step-by-step guidance to the user to design an effective gating system, starting from the shot machine selection, inner gate area, runner section, velocity, fill-time, overflow, venting and cooling channels etc.

With Cast-Designer's Automatic Optimizer, this initial gating design could be fully optimized to produce error-free castings.

HPDC gating system design

  • PQ Graph evaluation of the design
  • Provides fill time and required inner gate area
  • First phase and Second phase velocity
  • Cooling channel calculator
  • Overflow requirement calculator
  • Sprue runner, venting design tools

Gating Design Advisor main page

PQ Graph Evaluation of the gating system design

Shot sleeve and vacuum design

Detail components design

Parametrically defined "Template Gating Designs"


  • Shot Machine Tonnage Calculation Tool: Using user given projected-area of the casting and casting pressure category, this tool provides shot machine tonnage required to manufacture the casting.
  • Shot Machine Database: Cast-Designer has a collection of shot machine data. This database can be referred for machine tonnage and for PQ graph analysis.
  • Casting Wall Thickness Analysis Tool: A handy tool to find average wall thickness of the casting and thin and thick regions in the casting.
  • Casting Zone Analysis: Provides selected region/zone's volume and in-gate sizes for the designed in-gate velocity and fill time. Helps to design uniform filling.
  • Shot Sleeve Model Generator and Velocity Curve Generator: CAD models are automatically created with filled, unfilled regions and piston of the shot sleeve. Piston velocity or distance curve can be created and verified for vacuum system and shot-machine's capability.
  • Overflow Design Tools : Different standard shapes supported.
  • Cooling Calculators and Design Tools : Cooling channels calculator helps designer to arrive at length and size of the cooling channels and design tools to create cooling channels for analysis.
  • Venting Calculators and Design Tools : Chill vent designer can create standard design quickly.


Working in "Free-Style" gating design module is fun and easy & get your design done in minutes.

It's like drawing on a paper


Draw directly on the 3D gating system

  • Free-Style' gating design tools has intelligence about the standard definition of different runner shapes.
  • By simply picking few points on the parting surface a spline created as a projected 3D spline.
  • Taking this spline as controlling center line, runner geometry is created in 3D with required draft, rounds etc.
  • 3D runner is always created as a swept blend with smooth bends.
  • Based on the designed local speed-up ratio, runner section’s start area and end areas are controlled.
  • Free design also supports pre-defined template library. The customize tools can help user to make customization in a few clicks.

Step 1: Get Design from Gating Design Wizard

Step 2: Draw your concept lines using 4 simple tools – main runner, runner, gate runner and sprue

Step 3: Apply Design from Wizard, runner section areas are copied from the design sheet.

Step 4: Runners, in-gates and sprue are created with design sheet values in 3D in a single click. Adjust, if required.


  • Special tool for Reverse Engineering of existed gating system from ANY CAD system(CAD, STL, mesh etc.).
  • Convert to full parametric gating in few minutes to optimize the design performance.
  • 3D runner projection is another useful function to convert the 2D plan runner.

With parametrically designed gating model, it is easy to modify the design for better flow performance results