Casting Simulation


  • Flow Fluid Fraction
  • Flow Temperature
  • Flow Velocity
  • Flow Velocity Direction lines
  • Flow Pressure
  • Flow Gas Entrapment
  • Flow Length
  • Flow Material Age
  • Flow Oxides
  • Flow Vs Gate in color
  • Flow Material Trace lines
  • Gas Entrapped Inside Casting
  • Gas Entrapped at surface
  • Flow Velocity graphs vs Time
  • Flow Temperature graphs vs Time
  • Maximum Air Pressure
  • Filling Time
  • Mould Erosion (…)


  • Solid Fraction
  • Solidification Temperature
  • Casting Temperature
  • Mould Temperature
  • Thermal Modulus
  • Solidification Time
  • Shrinkage Porosity
  • Niyama Micro Porosity
  • Cooling Rate
  • SDAS
  • Dendrite Arm Spacing
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Elongation
  • Piping
  • Pin Squeeze Analysis
  • Temperature graphs (…)


  • Distortion / Displacement
  • Compensation for Distortion
  • Normal Stress
  • Effective Stress
  • Strain
  • Fatigue
  • Hot Tearing (…)


  • Ferrite
  • Hardness
  • Grain Radius
  • More…


  • Dual solver technology, the FEM solver and FVM solver are fully coupled in the same mesh system.
  • Simulate the physical phenomena and mechanical behavior of metal filling, solidification and cooling process. The thermal, flow, stress and micro-structure solvers are fully coupled.
  • Stress simulation for both thermal stress and mechanical stress.
  • Innovation technology to speed up simulation in express, less than three hours for almost cases.
  • Build in CAD kernel, fully parametric gating system design with KBE system.
  • Excellent parallel computing performance.
  • Full CAD driven automatic optimization solver, all geometry and process parameters are possible optimized.


  • Very strong 3D hexahedron and tetrahedron mesh capability, fully automatic.
  • Support GUI mode and batch mesh mode, fully parametric, easy to remesh.
  • Special treatment for CAD defects, i.e. geometry gap, overlay, intersection or unclose, face lose etc.
  • Rich mesh options: local mesh, mark point, tin region mesh, 2D surface mesh, shell mesh, advance mesh smoothing, quality control etc.
  • Fully automatic mould assembly with node connection, support mixture mesh type.

CAD Geometry

Tradition FDM mesh (in 1,298,853 cells)

Cast-Designer Fastmesh result (in 301,516 elements)

Section of Cast-Designer mesh

Section of tradition FDM mesh

FDM mesh Geometry was not accurate (Red line: CAD profile)


Cast-Designer's powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which is FVM based solver, incorporates many advanced features in the flow the calculation like surface tension effects, viscous shear stress combined with gravity leads to buoyant flow, turbulent phenomena greatly enhance the diffusion of momentum and enthalpy also modelled. For fluid dynamics simulation, the algorithm solves equations of conservation of mass and momentum for any number of immiscible, incompressible fluids, and tracks the interfaces between them, two fluid model (liquid metal + air) effective in bubble formation.

Simulation result of Cast-Designer CFD Solver (top) vs experiment (bottom). The experiment was performed by Dr. Markus Schmid at ARGE Metallguss in Aalen, Germany