Meet C3P Software at Pleven, Bulgaria

The forthcoming ХХVI International Scientific-Technical Conference “Foundry 2019” will be held from 10th to 12th April 2019 at “Rostov” Hotel in the city of Pleven, Bulgaria. Its aim is to provide a meeting place to discuss the latest achievements of science and technology in the field of casting production.

The conference will also provide the opportunity for companies operating in the foundry field to present their machines, equipment, technologies, materials, and services, making their own presentation at the conference. In this way, the XXVI International Conference “Foundry 2019” will fulfill its role of innovation intermediary between the scientists and researchers from one side and the industry on the other.

April 11th, C3P Software will hold a Seminar at the Conference on the topic: “Cast-Designer – Full Engineering Solution for Casting Industry”.

During all the exhibition C3P Software representatives will be present at Jodovit Srl booth.

Jodovit Srl, the distributor of C3P Software products will make the local support to the attendance.

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About C3P Software

With the combination of software development, advanced analysis, extensive product development experience, and cost-effective local human resources, C3P Software provides industry and manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and engineering services on a global basis to meet their expectations in high quality, on-schedule delivery within a cost target. Our business scope covers software development, professional engineering service, and application software integration. For further information, please visit: and

About Jodovit Srl

Since 1958 Jodovit is a manufacturer of chemical auxiliaries for metal treatment. Jodovit’s activities are all oriented to the continuous development of product and services to increase the quality and efficiency of productive processes for metal treatment. Jodovit chooses to become C3P Software distributor to be able to offer to his customers a state of the art casting technology simulation. Using C3P Software solutions Jodovit customers will be able to validate their projects and will improve the quality of their products.