C3P Software Released Cast-Designer V7.5

【Shanghai– 15th JULY, 2020】– C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX & PLM solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announced today to launch the newest version of the design, simulation and optimization solution- Cast-Designer V7.5 on the 15th international die casting exhibition and the 2020 China nonferrous exhibition at Shanghai new international exhibition center.

CAST-DESIGNER 7.5 is a major release version. More than 15 new functions have been introduced in the new version. The major enhancements and new developments include:

Advance CFD Solver

With the innovative technology, the simulation speed of the new CFD solver has been improved from 40% to 300%, and the flow results are full coupled to the thermal, stress, and microstructure results. More ever, the gas bubble simulation is more accurate than before.

New Software Interface

The software interface has been re-designed for easy to use and the model display speed has been improved. Now the system can handle huge CAD/CAE models more smoothly.

3D-Print Modeling and Simulation of Metal

To assure production and product quality in additive manufacturing, C3P Software has developed 3D-Print base on the Cast-Designer. With the Cast-Designer 3D Print module the Additive Manufacturing (AM) construction process can be simulated in advance and thus helps to identify and solve possible problems in the areas of the component to be produced before the actual construction process. It can significantly increase the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, productivity, and stability of the AM process. Users can save time and money when developing components for additive manufacturing.

Post-Solver for Heat Treatment

A new analysis technology called Post-Solver has been introduced to Cast-Designer to analyze the final gas bubbles, gas lead time and mold erosion. Now it is extended to heat treatment after casting, including the steel and aluminum alloy. The mechanical properties and microstructure of the heat treatment process could be simulated.

HPDC Gating System Design

A new technology called 'Quick Cast' has been developed in the HPDC gating system design. With this technology, the casting zone could be simulated in a few seconds and the quality of the gating system has been improved.

The curved gate-runner can also be designed in freestyle design, it is fully parametric and 10 times faster than the traditional CAD method.

Smart Riser Design and Database

The riser design method has been enhanced and the Smart Design can support riser diameter, height and position. The optimized position also considers the geometric feature of the casting. The riser database is integrated into the system, while the material cost and storage could be fully taken into account.

"Cast-Designer's excellent concept can help industry to improve their technology and capability, enhance their competitiveness in the market", J. Zhang, Professor of material science colleague, Tsinghua University said, "During the special period while all the world gets affected by Covid-19, the release of Cast-Designer brings a new signal to the market".

X. YANG, President of C3P software declared, "The full chain of Cast-Designer from material-DFM-design-simulation-optimization and finally to performance evaluation, provides a unique solution to casting industries. The benefits of Cast-Designer have validated by hundreds of customers and end-users. We are continuing to develop our products and solution, to create a highly productive design-to-analysis workflow to accelerate the pace of product innovations."

About C3P Software

C3P Software has been providing the professional design & analysis solution for the manufacturing industry since 2006, and the current products "Cast-Designer", "Cast-Designer Weld" "Geo-Designer", "AI-FORM", "Saving CAST" are marketed worldwide. With the combination of software development, advanced analysis, extensive product development experience, and cost-effective human resources, C3P Software provides industry and manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and engineering services on a global basis to meet their expectation in high quality and on-schedule delivery within cost target. Our business scope covers software development, professional engineering service, and application software integration. For further information, please visit: http://www.c3p-group.com or http://www.cast-designer.com