C3P Software Released AI-FORM

AI-FORM, The Next Generation AI Based Design & Optimization Solution for Sheet Metal Forming

【HONGKONG – 2nd April, 2019】– C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX & PLM solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today to release AI-FORM V4.0, the next generation AI based design, simulation and optimization solution for sheet metal forming.

AI-FORM is the first AI base interactive multi-objective optimization commercial software in the market today directly applied to sheet metal forming. It provides an end-to-end solution for stamping industry, ranging from 3D part DFM analysis, quotation, blank sheet engineering, step-by-step guidance in die face design, KBE, advanced FEM simulations and AI-based automatic optimization.

With the development of industrial, stamping parts and production process becomes more and more complex. At the same time, CAD and CAE technology are also widely used in all industrial segments. The rapid development of computer systems in hardware and software greatly reduces the simulation time. Therefore, seeking the best solution and improving design has become the next hot topic.


AI-FORM DFM is a powerful upfront Design for Manufacturing (DFM) tools for designers and manufacturing engineers with innovative technology. The user can check the stamping formability on a complete part model, and provides the result for formability contour by the geometry, by the location and Formability Difficult level Index (FDI). The FDI can guide the stamping process and mould design directly, such as the stage numbers for a complex drawing. When combining the function of mesh morphing and smoothing, the user can design the middle pre-form geometry easily.

ParaCAD for die face

Instead of the standard CAD interactive operation, AI-FORM required the CAD operation in batch mode, so that the optimization engine can drive the CAD creation and modification.

ParaCAD is the result of an innovative, unique and quality-oriented approach in process design which improves and facilitates daily work in tool design departments.

Once the part geometry is available, the predefined standardized process guides the user to carry out the die face design, from part preparation to binder design, then addendum design and final die face generation. More ever, many standard CAD functions are built in the ParaCAD for a general parametric design environment; it could be used to design any geometry shape not only the stamping die surface.

Form-Advisor for simulation

The Form-Advisor, a unique sheet metal forming simulation solution for automotive and progressive stamping based on incremental FEM technology, has fully integrated into AI-FORM as the default simulation engine.

Form-Advisor is the new generation metal forming CAE system built from day one specifically for integration within the design process. The system guides the engineer through part base analysis, cost estimation, quoting, die face design, formability and springback analysis.

This innovative software puts metal flow, thinning and wrinkle, stress and strain, springback and compensation analysis into the hands of the same people who are responsible for developing the stamping product, mould and making engineering decisions.

KBE (Knowledge Base Engineering)

AI-FORM’s KBE has developed many special KBE applications to help die designers find a quick way to carry out part and die design.

Based on feature technology, features have been extracted and represented by the object-oriented method. Stamping features and their parameters have been defined and extracted based on feature technology and stamping process rules. The whole product knowledge has been represented by frames that directly map to objects (or features) in the object-oriented sense.

Based on Knowledge-Based Engineering techniques, AI-FORM provides an initial assessment of manufacturing feasibility. KBE is also a powerful tool to use during the design process to ensure the design is right the first time.

Automatic Optimization

AI-FORM optimizer can execute multi-criteria non-linear optimization based on DOE/GA/PSO as known in Artificial Intelligence.

Multiple Criteria Targets: All physical problems could be optimized, including the thickness, thinning, displacement, stress and strain, contact stress and force, FLD, blank pattern, etc. For example: Single or multiple targets of the simulation, what the design engineer is trying to achieve like to maximize the yield, minimize springback or minimize material thinning and balance the final blank pattern during the forming process.

Multiple Design or Process Variable: Design elements that are allowed to vary, could be the Parametric CAD Geometries like die face shape and dimensions, addendum dimension, drawbead dimension even original stamping part, or process parameters, like material properties, friction factor, or the holding force.

Genetic Algorithm and PSO in AI-FORM Optimizer checks the results of each optimization iteration like blank thickness and intelligently sets the new value for the design variables like size and radius for the addendum. Such iterations are continued until the targets are achieved.

Main Functional Features of AI-FORM:

l Fast design for manufacturing (DFM)

l Stamping production quotation

l Blank Sheet Engineering

l Local flange and one step solver

l Fast upfront design validation tools

l Built-in powerful die face design

l An expert system based stamping advisor

l Automatic mesh generation

l Advanced mesh morphing & smoothing

l Pre-form middle stage geometry

l CAD and Setup run in both inactive mode and batch mode

l Advanced metal forming CAE analysis

l Springback & die compensation

l Automatic determination of optimum trim line and blank outline

l Design of experiments (DOE) capability

l Automatic optimization capability

l Automatic production robust analysis

l Stamping production quotation

l Automatic engineering report

l Open system and highly customizable

“Forming simulation has now reached an acceptable level of accuracy. CAE tell us what will happen but don’t tell us how to do and what is the best parameter” explains David Keck, Marketing director of C3P software. “Now, AI-Form can answer such request which the industrial engineers had waited a too long time.”

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