C3P Software Developed the New Generation Gating System Design Tools Smart Runner

Gating System Design

The gating system design is indeed a critical step in the high-pressure die casting process as it directly affects the quality and integrity of the final product. A properly designed gating system ensures uniform filling of molten metal into the mold cavity, minimizes turbulence and air entrapment, reduces porosity and shrinkage, and achieves optimal solidification control.

The Cast-Designer software by C3P group is an advanced and comprehensive tool that provides engineers with a wide range of functions and features for efficient and accurate gating system design and simulation. It allows users to create, analyze, optimize, and visualize gating systems based on their specific geometries and requirements and simulate the entire die casting process including filling, solidification, and cooling.

By using Cast-Designer, engineers can save time and money by reducing trial-and-error testing and optimizing casting parameters such as gate size, location, and shape, runner design, venting, and overflow placement. It also enables them to identify potential defects and issues before manufacturing and improve the overall quality and performance of the castings.

Smart Runner

C3P's Cast-Designer software has recently introduced a new function called "Smart Runner" to its package, which can automatically generate runner systems for even the most complex gating system designs. This innovative feature speeds up the process by 20 times compared to manual design and provides superior results for die casting engineers.

The Smart Runner function utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to analyze the gating system geometry and generate optimal runner designs based on user-defined criteria such as pressure drop, flow rate, and cavity balance. This automated approach ensures greater accuracy, consistency, and reliability in the gating system design process while saving engineers time and effort.

Thanks to the “Smart Runner” function, designers can explore multiple design options quickly and efficiently, fine-tune the runner system to achieve optimal performance, and avoid costly mistakes and rework. The generated runner designs are easy to modify and integrate with other components of the gating system, providing flexibility and versatility in the design process.

Fully 3D Runner System

In addition to its automated runner design capabilities, the Smart Runner function in C3P's Cast-Designer software can also generate complete 3D gating systems more efficiently and accurately than traditional methods. This is a significant advantage for die casting engineers who face the challenge of designing complex gating systems that match the shape and geometry of the die cavity.

The process of generating a 3D gating system using the Smart Runner function begins with the creation of the die cavity in the specialized design tool called ‘Auto cavity’. Next, engineers can design the gating system in plan mode by defining the primary and secondary runners, and gate runner using simple configurations.

Finally, the software generates a CAD projection from the plan mode onto the 3D die cavity, resulting in a fully realized and optimized gating system.

This approach is 20 times faster than traditional methods that rely on manual measurements and calculations to create 3D gating systems. The greater efficiency and accuracy provided by the Smart Runner function enable designers to produce more complex gating system designs with ease, save time and effort, and optimize the performance of the final product.

Example for Giga Casting

The Smart Runner function in C3P's Cast-Designer software has proven to be extremely effective at designing gating systems, even for complex applications such as the Giga casting. For example, the runner system for a Giga casting may involve more than 20 or even 30 sub-runners in a fully 3D runner system.

In many cases, designing such a complex runner system would take considerable time and effort using traditional methods. However, with the Smart Runner function, the same task can often be completed in less than 10 minutes, with greater accuracy and consistency than manual measurements and calculations would provide.


By automating much of the gating system design process, the Smart Runner function can significantly reduce design time and costs while ensuring that the resulting runner system is optimized to meet the specific requirements of the giga casting. This allows die casting engineers to focus on other critical aspects of the manufacturing process while achieving superior quality results.

The development of the Smart Runner function in C3P's Cast-Designer software represents a major step forward for die casting engineering and offers numerous benefits to users of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Furthermore, the software's compatibility with CAD systems and advanced visualization tools enables designers to work seamlessly across different platforms and easily share their designs with other team members. This promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing, essential components of successful manufacturing processes.

As a result, the Cast-Designer software and its Smart Runner function have become indispensable tools for die casting engineers looking to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Whether it's by automating the design process, improving accuracy and consistency, or facilitating collaboration and communication among teams, the benefits of this technology are clear and applicable to all users.